The Restaurants

Five & Ten (2000) was started from scratch and represents our continual quest to provide a community restaurant within our town. It is a restaurant with little pomp and circumstance serving a diverse crowd of people. To some, we are a restaurant for special occasions and to others we are their constant meal source. The menu has always been an open interpretation of Southern food, melding Georgia cookery with French and Italian influences I learned growing up. It’s been a very fun restaurant over the years.

Address: 1073 S Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30605
Phone: 706-546-7300


Empire State South (2010) is our first Atlanta outpost and has been a great success. The food, spanning breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, is very modern with a deep loyalty and respect for local ingredients. The wine program, coffee service and kickass bocce ball court are all-important attributes to a restaurant that has found its heart in midtown Atlanta.

Address: 999 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-541-1105


by George (2019) Opened in the newly renovated Candler Hotel in downtown Atlanta, By George, offers French-inspired classic cuisine. As a consultant management group Hugh and the team, serve French-inspired cuisine. Inspired by the history and architecture of the building, the restaurant is named after the original architects of the 1906 building, George E. Murphy and George Stewart.

Address: 127 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (470) 851-2752