Consulting & Partnerships


What can Hugh do for you? Well, first Hugh is a person, a chef and a dedicated proponent of the best that hospitality has to offer. More than that Hugh is not a one-person team, but rather a team of brilliant people who all offer very specific expertise when it comes to food, beverage, brand, business and currency in an era of veracity and quality.

We offer full consulting services for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retail stores, bakeries, grocers, markets, and corporate brands. We work with everyone from fast casual chains to fine dining restaurants, from conception to completion. We create systems for every aspect of the business, and craft places of true hospitality, whether at the low end or the high end of the spectrum.

We design smart flow, instill solid business acumen, and create systems for authentic hospitality that will give your operations a better chance of success in an ever competitive world. We design current beverage programs that resonate with today’s customers from wines to cocktails, coffees to teas, to juices and kombuchas.

We never stop learning about what consumers are interested in and how we can engage them even more than before, and believe that every space and piece of equipment in a restaurant should have a purpose.

We can take a brand that is coasting and make it soar. It’s what we do.

Here is a small list of brands we have worked for, and many that we still work for:

Punch Bowl Social
Stacy’s Pita Chips
All Clad Metalsmiths
Delaware North
Ball Jar
California Avocadoes
Snake River Farms American Kobe Beef
Liberte Yogurt
Hellmann’s Mayo