“My food philosophy is a constant curiosity for the culinary world dovetailed with respect for the region where I live. I immerse myself in knowledge of food and beverage everyday and will for the rest of my life. It is my endless topic. I am a chef who cooks food in the South. Is it Southern Food? That is up to you. To me, Southern food is difficult to define. It is a cuisine with deep and rich historical roots that are unique from other regions in the United States, constantly evolving, changing with the seasons and flowing with the progression of the South. I like to pay homage to the history of the region and reflect the diverse cultures that exist in the South today through the food I cook.

My mantra when it comes to provisioning is this: local first, sustainable second, organic third. Local has impact and impact produces change. Change is the process of making the farming sustainable, and once sustainable, the next step is certified organically grown. The demand for immediate and complete change by some food advocates is one that is just not feasible for most farmers and one that the average consumer cannot yet afford. Small steps will win this race and those first small steps are about your local sphere. The small steps that one takes as a consumer are multifold: shop at your local farmers market, frequent local independent restaurants, buy locally roasted coffee, learn how to garden, don’t eat overly processed foods, know the person who raises your eggs. This has nothing to do with a political stance and everything to do with a community stance. I am not a fanatic, just a believer in the place I live and finding ways to make it great everyday.”