How to get a high-profile chef to cook your dinner party?

Hugh Acheson has a posse of restaurants, but none of them may rival what the chef says is the ultimate dining experience. An intimate serving of his food at your house or another small private venue.

Can “going out” mean staying in with a celebrity chef as your personal chef? Yes. Let’s stay in, invite a handful of friends, interact in your own kitchen with a chef you admire, and doing no more in the evening’s conclusion than wish your guests a fond farewell?

Tell us want you want! We can come and cook for two to 20 people. Or even a cocktail hour with a raw bar, a spit-roasted lamb, or even a tasting menu experience. Or maybe a cooking class… anything is possible. That’s our style. Our team will guide you through customized menus, budgeting options and logistical planning, while maintaining a focus on the creation of a picture-perfect experience.